VVG at IAH 2012, Niagara Falls

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Published by: Peter Dahlhaus (21 Sep 2012)

The Visualising Victoria's Groundwater project was presented to the 39th International Association of Hydrogeologists Congress held at Niagara Falls, Canada, September 16th - 21st, 2012. With a theme of "Confronting Global Change" the Congress attracted around 900 delegates from all corners of the Earth and was the first time at an IAH Congress had been completely sold out. The spectacular Niagara Falls provided a suitably hydrological backdrop for the event. 

Under the Theme of General Hydrogeology - Data management and analysis, the VVG project was one of two presentations on interoperable groundwater data.  "An interoprerable federation of hydrogeological research data for Victoria, Australia" was presented by Peter Dahlhaus, and was complimentary to "Online linkage of groundwater data in North America" presented by Boyan Brodaric from Natural Resources Canada. Both presentations were well received as they demonstrate the growing movement to make all hydrogeological (and geological) data discoverable for public use.

Project funded by the State Government of Victoria - Broadband Enabled Innovation Program