Bore Details: 316710

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Datum Longitude Latitude MGA zone Easting(m) Northing(m)
GDA 1994 146.396790 -38.185771 55 447173.3 5773401.0
Surveyed Elevation (m AHD) Digitised Elevation (m AHD) Location Accuracy Total Depth Completion date
5.95 15.20 1950-12-22

Ownership and usage

Bore Authority Bore type Bore use 1 Bore use 2 Bore use 3
Monitoring status Monitoring frequency Parish Old Bore ID Local Bore name
Not Monitored MARYVALE 866

Construction Details


 No aquifer details available

 No water level records available for this bore

 No hydrochemistry information available for this bore

 No lithographical information available for this bore

 No stratigraphy information for this bore

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