OCG-ANZ membership

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The University of Ballarat has become a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the Australian and New Zealand region (OGC-ANZ). The invitation to become a member was prompted by projects such as VVG that focus on data interoperability, spatial representation and visualisation of data to support enhanced engagement and decision making.

The OGC-ANZ Forum enables opportunity for collaboration and partnership and increases the
participation capabilities of OGC members in both Australia and New Zealand in the OGC standard and test bed process.

The University looks forward to its involvement as a member of this highly reputable, geospatial consortium and endorses the ANZLIC vision for the economic growth, and enhancing social and environmental interests of Australia and New Zealand that are underpinned by spatially referenced information that is current, complete, accurate, affordable and accessible.

Project funded by the State Government of Victoria - Broadband Enabled Innovation Program