Adapting new technologies to sustainably manage a precious resource: Visualising Victoria's groundwater

Initially a two-year project  launched in July 2012, and now in its 6th year, Visualising Victoria's Groundwater (VVG) adapts new technologies and leverages high capacity broadband to visualise Victoria’s groundwater systems, contributing to groundwater research and ultimately, the sustainable management of groundwater resources.  The project budget of $2.23 million combines funding granted by the Victorian Government via the Broadband Enabled Innovation Program (BEIP) with financial and significant in-kind contributions from the partnering organisations. 

The major focus of the research project is to provide easy access to all of the groundwater bore data that is normally available to the public.  This is achieved by directly linking to the repositories of data that are managed by various government departments, agencies and research institutions and displaying the bores on a map, with links to the individual data for each bore. 

The main objective is to allow water managers and groundwater users easy access to the most current data they need to sustainably manage consumptive use and environmental water flows.