Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

A formal agreement QUT has been signed with QUT to collaborative on web-based 3D visualisation research.  QUT's Groundwater Systems Research (GSR) group and the Institute for Future Environments have developed a groundwater visualisation system (GVS) which will be adapted for web-based viewing of VVG data on demand. Both the GVS and the VVG are founded on open source software.

VVG 3D visualisation video                      QUT's Science and Engineerng Centre video

Natural Resources Canada (NR Can)

Collaborative research has commenced with NR Can's Geological Survey of Canada groundwater group on three aspects of VVG research: 1) implementing OGC standards for groundwater data exchange; 2) developing a module for the 3D visualisation that uses OGC-standard data; and 3) developing a cross-section tool that interpolates the interoperative borehole and numeric surface data on-the-fly using data in OGC-standard formats. 

Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)

The BoM have joined the collaborative research efforts into implementing OGC standards for groundwater data transfer (with NR Can and the VVG team) and developing the 3D visualisation tool (with VVG team, NR Can and QUT). The intent is to implement the outcomes of these research projects into the National Groundwater Information System (NGIS).

Australian National University (ANU)

At the commencement of the VVG project, Federation University Australia's School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Integrated Catchment Assessment and Management Centre (iCAM) in the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University (ANU), to collaborate on the groundwater knowledge management research. Professor Tony Jakeman and his team are custodians for hydrological data being collected by the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) at the Super Science funded sites around Australia.  The iCAM team based their database design on the UB Spatial model used in the VVG.