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Enabling global exchange of groundwater data: GroundWaterML2 (GWML2)

GWML2 is an international standard for the online exchange of groundwater data that addresses the problem of data heterogeneity. This problem makes groundwater data hard to find and use because the data are diversely structured and fragmented into numerous data silos.

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Bore 52301

Alkalinity (CO3=+HCO3-) 250.00 meq/L Bicarbonate ions (HCO3-) 304.88 mg/L Magnesium Ions (Mg++) 12.00 mg/l Potassium Ions (K+) 0.20 mg/l Sodium Ions (Na+) 74.00 mg/l

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A Review of New Approaches to Groundwater Resource

The provision of reliable and up to date geological and hydrological data and models for groundwater resource management has gained importance recently

Depth to Watertable

Depth To Watertable (Victoria)

Subtracts the water table surface from the land surface and presents it as a graphical display.