VVG project presented at the 34th IGC

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Published by: Peter Dahlhaus (24 Aug 2012)

The VVG project was presented at the 34th International Geological Congress, 5-10 August 2012, Brisbane.  It was a massive conference with over 5000 delegates from all parts of the globe and around 220 symposia under 37 themes.  It was a real credit to the organisers.

The VVG presentation was presented under the Geoscience Information theme, in the 'geoscience spatial data infrastructure' symposium.  The sessions showcased the latest advances in regional geoscience information activity from Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania.  The work undertaken by the pan-European INSPIRE initiative, the US GIN and the Canadian GeoConnections were particularly interesting and relevant to our VVG project. 

The VVG project attracted attention as one of the few non-government geoscience data portals in the world that uses interoperable technologies to bring together data. 

View the VVG presentation here

Project funded by the State Government of Victoria - Broadband Enabled Innovation Program