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How do I navigate VVG on an Apple Mac?

Apple Mac trackpads and mice are sometimes thought to still only have the option for a single (left) click button. These days however there are a number of ways to enable right-click on a Mac which are given below:

1.    On a trackpad you have multiple ways to 'right-click'. This external article outlines five ways

2.    For a mouse on a Mac, you can enable two clicks with instructions shown on this external link here or alternatively press alt+click each time you would like to right-click.

How do I cite Visualising Victoria's Groundwater?

To cite the website:
FedUni (2014). "Visualising Victoria's Groundwater." (internet data portal). Federation University Australia, Mt Helen, Ballarat, Victoria. Retrieved 1/1/2014, from:

To cite the research:
Dahlhaus, P.G., MacLeod, A. and Thompson, H. (2012). Federating hydrogeological data to visualise Victoria's groundwater. 34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 5-10 August 2012. Vol.  Abstracts (Abstract #1382). 592pp.

For futher research publications related to Visualising Victoria's Groundwater, go to Research Outputs.