Certificates and statements of environmental audit and 53V audit reports

The EPA audit reports refer to a searchable list of properties under the audit categories 53X Statement and/or Certificate, 53V Audit recommendations/No audit recommendations and EPA Processing (under the Environmental Protection Act 1970) that is maintained by EPA Victoria. The addresses of the properties have been spatially located and appear on the VVG portal as a WMS layer. The query links the location on the map portal to the on-line database maintained by the EPA.

Each site links to up to three reports - in Adobe portable document format (*.pdf) - The Audit report (part a) report is the audit report with the key figures, maps and tables and often includes a signed copy of the certificate or statement of environmental audit. The Report appendices (part b) report contains all of the technical information, including groundwater bores, soil bores or pits, monitoring data, remediation plans, etc., and are often quite large files. The Executive summary (part c) contains an executive summary along with the signed copy of the certificate or statement of environmental audit. These are stipilated in the reporting format guidelines.

Data access and currency

The data is accessed directly from the EPA Victoria Interaction Portal. The addresses have been matched using the Victorian Mapping and Address Service (VMAS) and checked for accuracy. Eleven sites have not been matched due to ambiguous or incomplete addressing. The details of these can be downloaded here. The VVG team checks for new data and uploads it on a monthly basis. 

Layer last updated: 08th November 2018