Groundwater quality restricted use zones (GQRUZs) in Victoria

A GQRUZ refers to area where one or more beneficial uses of groundwater have been restricted. This is identified following an environmental audit where the site has remaining groundwater pollution after clean up attempts have been made. The addresses of the properties have been spatially located by EPA Victoria.

These GQRUZs appear spatially in the VVG portal. When you query a GQRUZ, a table shows the site history, restricted uses and includes a PDF map of the groundwater zone. There are also links to the relevant certificate or statement of environmental audit (under the Environmental Protection Act 1970) that is maintained by EPA Victoria. The query links the location on the map portal to the on-line database maintained by the EPA. Each site links to 3 reports - in Adobe portable document format (*.pdf) - with a file name comprising the administrative number (known as the CARMS number) and tagged with an a, b and c suffix.  The CARMS_a.pdf report is the audit report with the key figures, maps and tables and often includes a signed copy of the certificate or statement of environmental audit.  The CARMS_b.pdf report contains all of the technical information, including groundwater bores, soil bores or pits, monitoring data, remediation plans, etc., etc. and are often quite large files. The CARMS_C.pdf contains an executive summary along with the signed copy of the certificate or statement of environmental audit. These are stipulated in the reporting format guidelines.

Data access and currency

VVG checks for updates to the GQRUZ layer on a monthly basis.  

Layer updated 15:30 9th October  2018