The FedUni Spatial/University of Ballarat (UB) bore database is maintained by Federation University Australia as a groundwater research and monitoring database.  The intital development of UB Spatial was funded by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and Federation University Australia and focused on the web-delivery of four environmental datasets - groundwater bores, salinity, erosion and landslides - for the Corangamite region.   The impetus for the project was to place the most relevant and current natural resource management (NRM) data into and environment when it can be shared by catchment managers, researchers, consultants, municipalities, government agencies and members of the general public.

In general, the university research bores in UB Spatial have a full compliment of data and are used to 'showcase' the potential for the VVG site.  The FedUni Spatial/University of Ballarat bore database has also been used to clean and enhance data, most of which is then revised in the GMS.

Data access and currency

New bores drilled and monitoring data collected by FedUni are uploaded directly to the VVG portal.