The Victorian Water Measurement Information System (WMIS)

The WMIS is the statewide repository of groundwater bore information managed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) for the State Government Victoria. The data in the WMIS was migrated from the former Groundwater Management System (GMS) in 2013 and the current database holds groundwater information on approximately 220,000 boreholes throughout Victoria. The WMIS is also accessible directly through the DELWP groundwater portal

Historically, the WMIS  data was combined from a wide variety of sources, as detailed in the page on the history of bore data. In more recent times, the data in the WMIS is solely that which has been collected through the groundwater bore licensing system. The data is primarily of interest to individuals and organisations involved in groundwater management, investigations and research. Increasingly it is also a useful resource for all environmental studies where groundwater dependent ecosystems or catchment condition is a focus.

The WMIS includes information on: 

Some bores in the WMIS are also duplicated in the other databases (e.g. GEDIS, & FedUniSpatial databases).  Variations in the data for the same bore result from the databases being independently updated in recent years.

Data access and currency

We are currently in the process of changing the way we upload WMIS data and will update this shortly to reflect the new changes.